Yes. Being a member of Lurmag is currently free of charge, our goal is to create a community aside from content sales.

You can click either the “Videos” or “Galleries” tabs in the menu to view a full listing of the content, simply add to cart, purchase, and head to the “My Content” tab to view it accordingly.

The producers of the work own the content, whether it is a model or photographer, Lurmag merely acts as a store from which creators can sell from. For this reason we also don’t dictate if creators can remove it from the site.

As creators own the content, they have the right to remove their property from the store without warning. We encourage fans who purchase access to enjoy the content while they have it, as with all things, nothing lasts forever!

Unfortunately since we can’t go back in time to remove when you viewed the content from your memory, we also cannot refund you after doing so. As previously stated, creators can – and will remove their work from time to time, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Since the content onsite is mostly uncensored, processors like Paypal will not allow you to pay for it using their service. We have a dedicated payment processor able to take these payments via credit card.

Content put onsite featuring a model will have an accompanying profile to showcase it. Models have the option of joining and using the profiles if they wish to interact with fans. The badge and status will change to active for models who utilize these placeholder accounts.

Users are able to post anything they wish onsite provided it breaks no laws; We DO NOT allow child pornography or anything featuring anyone underage. We also prohibit content that is overtly violent, snuff film-esque content etc. if it’s illegal, we don’t allow it. If you see any of this type of content, contact us IMMEDIATELY so we can take action to remove it.

The old site was set up to let users download their purchased content, in addition to that our new system is completely different and could not import past data. So no, unfortunately all accounts will be starting fresh.