What is Lurmag.com?

Lurmag is social media network set up for photographers, models and their fans. We wanted a way for everyone to interact outside the puritanical confines of facebook, without 30 day bans, without artistic and nude censorship, while also being able to share, and sell their work.

In Lurmag anyone can create their own profile, add friends, follow others, message and share…  just like other social media sites, as well as create and join groups with like-minded people. Those who seek more than just a social media experience, can also sign up to sell their content as well, as all members have the ability to purchase and view content onsite.

We have a lot more that the platform can do and hope with feedback with what you guys like, can implement more options and fun ways to share.

Thanks to all the fans that have been with us while we have evolved from a simple content site, it’s been a wild ride, and we are just getting started!

-Lurmag team.