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You can still view your purchases here:

We will be extending the timeline for the switch, we want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to download their purchases. YOU CAN CURRENTLY DOWNLOAD ALL YOUR PHOTOS. HEAD TO THE BOOK VIA THE MEMBER SECTION, AND SELECT THE PHOTOS TO DOWNLOAD ON THE BOTTOM OF THE GALLERY.

NO NEW CONTENT WILL BE RELEASED ON THIS SITE - WE WILL LINK YOU TO NEW CONTENT ON CREAM AS IT COMES UP. So have your account set up there. The 2 sites will not share customer data for security reasons.


Lurmag.com is merging with Cream88.com. During the transition we will keep this members section up for old customers to view their content. 

THE DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE so please enjoy your content while this is still in effect.

Scroll down for your members section.

Head to memberships > view(selected content) > view.



Lurmag.com has merged with Cream88.com. A new site showcasing the same girls and content you love, with the addition of your favorite Idols.

Cream will center on video content, while still offering great downloadable photo ebooks as well. Head over now and sign up to get access to new videos weekly, and photos that are available to download instantly!

Common Questions:

Q. What will happen to our content after the switch?

A. ALL OF YOUR PHOTOS ARE CURRENTLY DOWNLOADABLE, HEAD TO THE BOOK AND DOWNLOAD THEM,  otherwise after the switch is complete lurmag will no longer host it, Cream will. 


Q. Will our old purchases move to the new site?

A. No. Cream88 has been set up totally different, videos will be part of a subscription, and ebooks are downloaded immediately after purchase.


Q. How long do we have access to lurmag purchases?

A. Until Further notice, but looking at around May for the switch to be complete. We've extended it to help customers out.


Q. Will our current accounts also be migrated to Cream88?

A. No, you will need to set up a new account and password


Q. Will the new site accept Credit Cards?

A. Yes.